Why GTA 5 is one of the best games of all time?

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GTA 5 is rightly considered one of the best games of all time, maybe the best in the history of computer games and consoles. First all the Grand Theft Auto series is incredible and impressed almost every new title appeared. I will never forget the feeling I had when I played Vice City now more than 12 years and feeling like you can do whatever you want provided by San Andreas. GTA 5 offers so many options of playing at a level of detail far beyond previous versions of the series, that you do not get bored, no matter what kind of game you like. Whether you want to be a gangster true, whether you like racing, motorcycle, boats, bicycles or airplanes, or if you just love to explore the map or to be the best in the online environment, GTA 5 has it all in the same place. The story of GTA 5 is incredibly complex and interesting. The fact that you can play three completely different characters and that are involved still a lot of other characters well done is very interesting and exciting. Only the primary storyline, which contains 69 missions, you’re busy somewhere in 20-30 hours of play. Besides this there are still dozens of side quests very well done.
World of GTA 5 is perhaps overly complex for a game. In 50 hours of playing I had the feeling that something is repeated, even people on the street layout. It is true that diversity can be established elements of setting, but the maximum sensation of realism is extreme. The greatest diversity can be noted when it comes to the cars. In this game are 257 vehicle types, divided into 22 categories. The graphics are far excellent for such a game. Details of all the visual elements are simply overwhelming, starting with the variety of textures and continuing with the realism of motor vehicles, landscapes and characters. Of course to play GTA 5 to a high level of graphical detail as you need a very capable PC, just across the Rockstar recommendations. Although they are very ok, the console versions can not offer the same level of detail as a PC graphics performance. nVidia did a very detailed study on GTA 5 graphics settings.

Rockstar has produced GTA V for PC, so you go on older computers. So that fans can enjoy the game and if he had not appeared last video card and the fastest processor, but graphics quality will suffer. Of course not mention the office but all computers systems with better graphics capabilities. For example the game runs ok on a system with Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, 8GB RAM and nVidia GeForce 9800 GT video card with 1GB ram. Character customization, access to the entire map, 30 players in the same session, hundreds of online assignments, constant updates, make GTA V game that simply addictive. In Online mode you have the opportunity to develop your character in so many ways, from increasing in rank to property, weapons, vehicles and skills. In the rare cases in which someone was tired of the classic GTA 5, there are plenty of sites that offer free mods. So you can transform the experience of Grand Theft Auto in something more interesting, like you can go inside some buildings, you can power the car at the gas station, to go as a passenger in cars. A game so complex can not be free of bugs, even if they worked at it over 5 years. The most common bugs are in the car you just disappear if your back to her car traffic appear or disappear suddenly, the game suddenly freezes or out of it.

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