Artificial satellites are now considered as one of the key parts of the modern technology. Especially in the field of space technology, there is a huge contribution of the different artificial satellite has been noticed. In fact, our daily day life is getting influenced by these artificial satellites as well.


The main advantage of using the artificial satellites has reflected on the field of the modern communication system, and at the same time, the other advantages of modern satellites are it can forecast the current weather condition. And at the same time, it has a very effective contribution in the field of defense as well.

The artificial satellites are efficient just because of its features. So if you are really interested in the features of the artificial satellites, then this particular discussion can be really useful for you.

Features of artificial satellites:

Different features that are available with the artificial satellites discussed below

a) The position of the satellites:

Modern-day artificial satellites can be used for different purposes. And for different purposes, satellites are sent at different orbits. Some satellites are present in the higher orbits, and at the same point, some satellites are present in the lower orbit as well. So, depending upon the position of the satellites proper maintenance of those satellites is required. If a satellite is present in the lower orbit, then there is a higher possibility that the satellite will get decayed, so, in that case, more maintenance of the satellites will be required. And the satellites which are present in the higher orbits require less maintenance.

b) Power supply system for satellites:

If an artificial satellite has to run properly, then a proper power source will be required. Generally, the electronic circuitry of the satellites is powered by this electric. And if the proper amount of power is supplied, then the satellite will work properly. On the other hand, if proper amount power is not supplied, then the satellite may not function properly.

c) Satellite antennas:

Antennas are one of the key parts of any satellites. Without properly working antennas a satellite won’t be able to transmit signals, and at the same time, it will not be able to receive signals as well. So, it will affect the performance of a satellite. So, it is really important that a satellite has properly working antennas. So, to make sure it is really important that you check the antennas of the satellites at regular intervals.

d) Environmental conditions:

Different satellites have different environmental conditions. And that environmental condition really affects the performance of a satellite. So, the environmental conditions of each and every satellite must be considered. And if it is considered properly, then the proper maintenance of the satellite is possible. And if a satellite is maintained properly, then it will be able to give a good performance.


The designs of the different satellites are also should be considered.  And the design of the satellite really influences the performance and the position of the satellite as well.

Satellites and reception stations on ground

A reception station or a ground station is actually a radio station mainly designed and developed to establish the telecommunication with a cell phone tracker.  With the reception of the radio signals from the astronomical radio sources, this establishment is done. These stations can be situated in different places. They can be located in space or on the earth. Even these stations can be established in the atmosphere of the earth. With a high frequency, reception stations on the earth can receive radio waves and thereby establish communication with a spacecraft. Proper transmission of the radio signals is truly very helpful to do this job. Uniquely designed antennas are the key devices of the stations.

The position of the ground stations either be fixed or it can be situated with the itinerant position. There are different types of reception stations or ground stations on Earth, and each one performs essential activities.

The connection between the satellites and the reception stations on ground:

The key work of the stations:  Ground stations or the reception stations on the ground have to perform essential activities. The key work of it is to collect or receive images from the satellites and to process them properly. The processing of the images can perfectly be analyzed so that information can be properly extracted from them. Even extraction is beautifully conducted so that proper and right information can be served after viewing the images properly. Now one fact is the satellites that throw images are mostly the observation satellites of the earth.

The current observation process:  Currently with the advent of the most advanced technology the earth observation process is changed hugely. With a great modification, the satellite observation system improved thousand fold and simultaneously improved the performance of the sensors. With a better and more uniquely equipped system, the imaging system of the satellites is now playing an important role in the regular activities of the human civilization. With all over modification, the reception stations on the ground or the ground stations are monitoring every activity of the satellite, and with proper analysis, these stations can provide a very quick response which ultimately helps many essential activities on earth and in space.

Recovery of essential data through reception stations:  With the introduction of the ground station or the reception station, direct reception of the satellite images of essential data can be recovered rapidly. Even the collection of the data provides an opportunity to the users for a perfect acquisition and gives the chance to control the reception and processing of the storage cycle of data.

With specific reception stations, users can easily collect benefits by accessing critical data. Even the improved system of the production of the important imagery information gives opportunities to explore many unknown and very important facts.

With the modern modification you can easily collect the sources of the multi- satellite data to resolve many basic problems, like the weather condition, the capability of feature detection and others. All these collectively increase the rate of operational activity and its efficiency.

So, there is a unique connection between the satellite and the reception stations on the ground. A satellite is an inevitable part necessary for the development of the overall technology of the human society, and reception stations are performing great activities in this regard.

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